Adobo (Remastered)


Published: January 14, 2021 0 0 296
By: Reignmarc Vincent Labuguen Lariosa, Cal State San Marcos
Category: Art & Design
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Every meal that is being cooked in the family is like an heirloom of dishes. I interview my mother and grandmother to talk about life and cooking while we prepare a family dish that was inherited from my great grandparents, this family recipe of adobo has been carried over generations.

After being a finalist in the 2020 CSUSM Student Media Festival, I have decided to remaster my documentary-duration film "Adobo." This time I made changes in response from feedback by my art professor, friends, and peers. I feel like I didn't get to pursue my voice when I submitted this film for class. With the new rendition, I finally got the light bulb in which how my fascination with vintage film fits in the narrative of our family tradition of cooking. My grandparents were born in the 1940s, a time in which talkie (talking) was transitioning into the film industry. After learning about it briefly in film class, Charlie Chaplin directed "Modern Times" ten years before my grandparents were born. Modern Times is a film that could have utilized talking but Chaplin believed that films could have a narrative without talking. But since the film industry forced him to do so, he finally has his first dialogue in his "Nonsense" musical performance, a song that contains gibberish phrases in various languages. A way to flip-off the film industry for forcing him. The way that he believed that films do not require dialogue is the way I see cooking in my family. I learned through the years that the less gimmick, the better, let your dish speak for itself. I signed up for a Super 8 film workshop in school so I could learn how to create a silent film, but the event was canceled due to pandemic (which I'll definitely pursue in the not so distant future), the remastered version of "Adobo" are all based in improvision.

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Reignmarc Labuguen

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