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Undeclared (Committed Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology) (2023)
Del Lago Academy
Undeclared (High School) (2018)


Cyber Seniors Junior Internship (11th Grade)

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Competency X: The Benefits of Badges (Documentary)

The Competency X: Benefits of Badges (Documentary) features students that were interviewed about the...


Cyber Seniors: Benefits of Exercising Documentary

The goal of the Cyber Senior project is to design a project for my Cyber Senior student regarding technology...


Competency X: Elevator Pitch

This badge helps me to realize how hard an audience could get into infectious disease & health since...


Compentecy X: Planning 2

The goal of the Planning 2 badge is to plan an investigation appropriate for a research question and...


Comptency X: The Slide Deck Pitch

Even though it was quite challenging making the presentation at first, this task really help me how...


Competency X: Visual Explanation

Visual explanation in my view is a skill that requires to have a very remembering mind. A mind that...


Cyber Seniors: Internship Blog

I was placed at the Cyber Seniors program since 11th grade. What is Cyber Senior? The Cyber Senior program...